Chloe Hope Gilstrap works in film and digital photography. She enjoys shooting with vintage cameras and printing photographs in the darkroom. She focuses much of her work on her surroundings, friends, family and actively experiments with other mediums to incorporate with her photography. 



2012   Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts
2012   Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management
           GPA 3.9/4.0 | College of Charleston, SC    

2015   Our Landscapes: A Show of Contemporary Photography, Jericho Arts Gallery | Charleston, SC
2014   Redux Reorientation, Redux | Charleston, SC
2014   Queen Street Grocery | Charleston, SC
2014   Conolly Gallery, Redux | Charleston, SC
2013   Solo show, McClellanville Arts Council | McClellanville, SC
2013   The 827 Gallery | Charleston, SC
2013   Hill Gallery | College of Charleston, SC
2012   Young Contemporaries, Halsey Institute | College of Charleston, SC

2013   Miscellany Publication | College of Charleston, SC
2012   Miscellany Publication | College of Charleston, SC