Fortunate Orchard

Added on by Chloe Gilstrap.

As some of you know the month of December was a whirlwind. I packed up all of my belongings and moved across the country, from Charleston, SC to Seattle, WA. Some of the boxes I shipped and other things I crammed in my car but most of the big stuff I left behind. It was liberating but stressful. On top of holiday things, wrapping up my photography work with Candlefish and preparing for a group photography show, moving was an added ball to juggle. Oh and saying goodbye to all of my friends wasn't easy either. But I did it! My pup and I are in Seattle with my boyfriend, Amos.

About half way through our trek across the country we stopped and stayed at Amos' parent's place, Fortunate Orchard. Amos' parents own and operate the organic orchard. It was so nice spending time with his family and hiking around their land with the pup. I can't wait to go back for a visit in the summer. Here are some photos from our first day on the orchard.