Ann Hamilton Show at The Henry

Added on by Chloe Gilstrap.

A couple of weekends ago Amos and I went to experience the Ann Hamilton Show, the common SENSE, at the Henry Art Gallery. The show focuses on touch and its common connection between all species.  Hamilton encourages us to consider "the relationship between human and non-human animals and the possibility of addressing our closeness, our distance, and our imagined and physical dependence on each other” as well as “the finitude and threatened extinctions we share across species.” 
It was an interactive exhibit where we got a folder to collect images of scanned animals and pages with quotes on touch. There was a photo booth set up for portraits to be taken and added to the wall with visitor portraits and rooms with dead animals and clothing made from animals. Because of this, the show has changed and will continue to change until April (when it comes down). One of my favorite quotes I collected was "And I sometimes think that a moment of touching is the difference between complete utter despair and the ability to carry on." 
After we left the Henry we walked through the University of Washington. Trees are starting to bloom here and it is so beautiful.